Rosé-a-Palooza at J. Emerson Fine Wine

“I have full confidence in your pink, devotion to pink, and skill in pink. We will accept nothing less than full on pink. Good luck, and let us all beseech the blessings of Almighty pink upon this great and noble tasting.” ~General Dwight D. Eisenhower giving the P-Day order.

The invasion has begun.  Pink wine is flowing in all the fine establishments throughout the city.

J. Emerson Fine Wine and Cheese dropped the pink bomb recently with their 6th annual Rosé-a-Palooza wine tasting.  A total of 16 wines were being poured representing about every wine producing country.

The staff was victorious in converting the non-pink drinking masses with generous pours of fine-dry, elegant and aromatic examples.  There are still preconceived notions out there that all pink wine is sweet.  Some of the standouts were the Schnaitmann Evoé! rosé trocken from the German region of Württemberg.  Württemberg is Germany’s fourth largest wine producing area with most of the production there being red.  Evoé! is a blend of Spätburgunder, Schwarzriesling, Trollinger, and Portugieser.  It was linear and citrusy, focussed and complex.  Evidently the wine completely sold out that night, there is no more left in the country.  Also being poured was one of my favorite go-to producers, Domaine des Terrisses of Gaillac produces a rich and gamey pink wine that is great with grillin.   An assemblage of Syrah, Braucol, Duras, this wine delivers a lot of character and is a great value.

David of Potomac Selections was there helping out with some of the heavy hitters from The Neal Rosenthal portfolio.  One of the prettiest being Domain du Bagnol’s rosé from the Mediterranean village of Cassis.  The wine could transport you to the tiny fishing village with its salmon colored hue, berry, mineral and silky mouthfeel.  Also Domaine du Bagnol’s Provençal neighbor was hanging out, Commanderie de Peyrassol is one of the more historic estates in the area dating back to the 13th century.  The wine is a classic example of Provence and one that should be on tap at your home.  Full bodied, briskly alert and energetic.

Perhaps the most polarizing pink wine of the event was the Gigondas rosé from Domaine du Gour de Chaulé.  The village of Gigondas, located in the southern part of the Côtes du Rhône was long considered the poor man’s Châteauneuf-du-Pape.  Gour de Chaulé uses traditional wine making methods and minimal intervention to produce wines that are classic and true to the Gigondas appellation.  Big, bursting dark fruit that is brambly and bawdy, this wine needs saucisson or chipolatas to tame its structure.  Not a sissy rosé .

Jeff from all natural Williams Corner Wine was also pouring and knows all about great, honest wine.  Domaine Les Fouques from the  Maures des Massif, part of the Provence coastal ranges, is a biodynamic estate that grows wines that are in perfect harmony with stars, earth, and animal poop and they are delicious.  The Rosé Tradition is balanced by soft fruit and a refreshing, chalky minerality.  Probably the most obscure wine region being represented was Fiefs Vendéens which is situated where the Loire and the Aquitaine regions meet.  J. Mourat is a large organic estate that produces a wide variety of wines.  Their Collection Rosé is a lovely blend of Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, and Négrette.  Everyone seemed to enjoy its pleasant bitter cranberry and black currant quality.  Also how could one resist the weird shaped bottle with the cute owl on the label?  The other standout was from Château Cambon which I guess is sort of in Beaujolais, located in a no man’s land between the crus of Morgon and Fleurie.  The property was bought by Marcel and Marie Lapierre  with Jean Claude Chanudet of Domaine Chamonard back in the 90’s.  The Lapierres and Chanudet are Beaujolais all stars that helped veer the region away from crappy Duboeuf nouveau by incorporating organic farming and natural grape vinification to make wines that really express a sense of place.  The wine is feisty and smells of tobacco and plums, throw a chicken in the oven!

Stock up on pink wine now before it is gone, all the cool kids are drinking it.

Dogs love it as well.

J. Emerson Fine Wine 

5716 Grove Avenue

Richmond, Virginia 23226

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