Damnit Can Can, Think of the Mission!

Richmond is lucky to have its own Brasserie. Can Can is lovely, the zinc bar is fun to hang out at, it’s a great pick up joint, the baguettes are good, food is solid…The wine list?  The selections are top notch, esoteric yet crowd pleasing, adventurous in covering lesser known regions and traditional by representing the classics.

There is one thing that Can Can could do better, get rid of their ridiculous wine list markups!

Here is how a restaurant markup generally works (and we all expect to pay a bit more as compared to a retail wine shop) a bottle is purchased at wholesale cost from a distributor (at the same price a retail shop would buy it-Virginia law) then a restaurant marks it up by 3 times.  This markup is accepted because you are paying for that wine to be stored and served.  Richmond has an added  dining tax of 11%. You also pay for restaurant ambience and wine markups help substantiate food costs.

Can Can’s markup is 4 to 5 times the normally accepted average.  This should be unacceptable, hardly even New York City or D.C. tack on that much to wines.

Here are some examples from their online list…

2010 Marcillac “Lo Sang Del Pais” fer servadou (Phillipe Teulier)….34

One of my favorites, I can buy it retail for 12 bucks.  I bet wholesale is around $8.  8 x 3 = 24.

2010 Côtes-du-Rhône Domaine Roger Perrin……42

Entry level, basic lip smacking beauty from Roger Perrin, you can find it for $15 at multiple retail spots.  Probably wholesales for $10.  10 x 3 = 30.

2008 Crozes-Hermitage “Les Galets” Domaine des Haute Chassis……70

Elegant and spicy red from the northern Rhône.  At shops for $25, probably wholesales for $17.  17 x 3 = 51.

2009 Vin de Savoie Jongieux jacquère Eugène Carrel…..34

Crisp, easy sippin and versatile white wine.  Look for it for $10!  Wholesale for perhaps $6-7?  6 x 3 = 18, 7 x 3 = 21!!

2009 Beaujolais Blanc “Terres Dorées” Jean-Paul Brun…..49

Jean-Paul Brun, superstar in all natural Beaujolais.  $16 retail, $11 wholesale.  11 x 3 = 33.

and so on….

Sure, we can ask “Can Can is always packed, why should they tinker with their pricing?” or  say “The space is gorgeous and in a high rent district”, but I bet if they had fair pricing they would move twice as much wine.  Regular folk would be more inclined to try wines from less familiar areas, Can Can wouldn’t sit on over the hill vintages (a lot of their wines should be consumed on the younger side), people would discover wines like Marcillac and open up a whole new world for consumer taste making our little city a sophisticated and wine savvy paradise.

Next time you dine at Can Can, write on the little comment card that they give you with the bill,

“Love your cozy restaurant and your food is swell, but your wine list markup is way too much.” 

Or something to that effect.

3 Responses to “Damnit Can Can, Think of the Mission!”

  1. pjpink Says:

    Totally agree. Their wine prices are awful. We have stopped going on a regular basis and if we do eat there, we only get the house wine. Boo hiss Can Can for jacking your prices up so much that I can’t eat there.

    Now Arcadia on the other hand has great wine prices (and wonderful food, too).

  2. richmondwineculture Says:

    Though Can Can’s house white, red and pink are solid little wines they are still way overpriced, best to go at happy hour. I think they are half off or something on certain nights plus dollar oysters is nice.

    I was excited for Arcadia to open, it is a lovely space. Unfortunately their wine selection is pretty uninspired especially after boasting a ’boutique wine list’ and displaying ‘fine wines’ on their outdoor awning, most of those wines can be found at the grocery store. Even though they seem fairly priced I am not willing to pay for known plonk. They have a nice Godello and a decent Sancerre on their menu. Any list with Conundrum or Kung Fu Girl Riesling can’t be taken too seriously. I’ll stick to what’s on tap.

    Why can’t more restaurants put as much thought into their wine program as they do with their food? If they are going to source only top ingredients from sustainable farms and use only organic produce etc. why are they putting mass produced wines on their list? Shouldn’t wine be considered food as well?

  3. Gary York Says:

    One of the best wine lists with the best prices in the city, Enoteca Sogno. And if you don’t believe me just ask and I will tell you that it is true and why. Anyone that is interested in wine should be eating and drinking here on a regular basis. And we still offer ” free corkage” on Tues.

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