Great Growth! BJ’s Now In Richmond!

Grosses Gewächs, the great growth-grand cru wines of Bassermann-Jordan have popped up in our city.  Now is everyones chance to drink something that represents the top tier of all German wines.

Grosses Gewächs, GG, are classified terroir driven wines from single vineyard sites that have historically produced exceptional fruit.  These sites need to be approved by members of the Verband Deutscher Qualitäts- und Prädikatsweingüter (V D P).

“The Association of German Quality and Prädikat Wine Estates”

The wine growers associated with this group must practice organic and sustainable farming, only use grapes associated with the area, must farm low yields, cannot chaptalize, and can only use natural wine making techniques.  They are all about the preservation and acknowledgement of Germany’s finest vineyard sites.  To be a member of this association growers have to be voted in.  Right now there are only about 200 members that have the right to label their wines with the V D P insignia.

There are over 10,000 wine producers in Germany, this does not mean V D P wines are the be all end all.  Many fantastic growers choose not to fool around with this association (look at wines from the Mosel!).  Still wines with the Grosses Gewächs-GG label will most likely give you an ass kicker of a Riesling!

2009 Bassermann-Jordan Jesuitengarten Riesling Grosses Gewächs.  $65 (gulp).  Imported by Magellan Wine Imports.

The Jesuitengarten vineyard has been a source for wine since the 18th century.  Once owned by the church, the 7 hectare site is now divided between several different estates.  The soil is made up of sandy clay with lime, sandy loam with limestone shingle and basalt.  The wine is full bodied, highly complex and elegant.  This is Bassermann-Jordan’s most prestigious offering and will reward those with the will to age it for a few decades.  Fans of Grand Cru Burgundy take note.

2009 Bassermann-Jordan Trocken QBA Riesling.  $20 (much better).  Imported by Magellan Wine Imports.

This basic, high-level wine is sourced from 20 different vineyards along the Rhein river valley.  Trocken means dry.  Tongue piercing acidity is balanced by apple and pear fruit, it is lively and fresh and will pair with anything.  Try it with a hot dog.

The labels of Bassermann-Jordan have a lot in common with the Virginia State flag…

Here is Attorney General and Defender of Freedom Ken Cuccinelli’s redesigned Virginia friendly label…

2 Responses to “Great Growth! BJ’s Now In Richmond!”

  1. Eric Payne Says:

    who carries this in RVA?

  2. richmondwineculture Says:

    J. Emerson is about the only place that carries wines of this pedigree. A little expensive but compared to similarly priced Burgundy it is a real treat. Plus there is nudity on the label.

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