Wines That Rock! Rock Out With Your Cork Out!

Another attempt at dumbing down wine to appeal to the non-wine drinker.

These are the official Wines of Rock ‘N Roll, a revolution years in the making, a unique and new challenge to blend some of the greatest rock bands of the world with some of the shitiest juice The Mendocino Wine Company has ever sourced.

Wines That Rock!

2009 Grateful Dead Red Blend

Feel free to experiment with this blend as you would experiment with finding some clique to identify and hang out with.

2008 Pink Floyd “The Dark Side of the Moon” Cabernet Sauvignon

What happens if you drink this deep, complex, chocolaty cab while watching “The Wizard of Oz”?

2009 Rolling Stones “Forty Licks” Merlot

The wine that won’t die.  Imagine Mick Jagger’s lips on your glass.

2010 Woodstock Chardonnay

Break away from the past with this ‘naked’ style Chardonnay, no oak, no make up, but plenty of acid.

2009 The Police “Synchronicity” Red Wine Blend

This wine promises to be playful, seductive, and haunting like the old Sting before he became all douchey and tantric sexy.

The holidays are coming up, keep these wines in mind for the man who has everything, including dumbed down taste.

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