Let’s Make Fun of Celebrity Wine Makers, Mike Ditka Edition

Attitude, Character, Enthusiasm.  Welcome to the wines of Mike Ditka.  When the Hall of Fame player and coach decided to let the prolific Mendocino Wine Company craft his lineup of wines he wouldn’t settle for anything less than Kick Ass!  Mike Ditka actually traveled to some of the best 3rd rate vineyard sites to watch the blending of five wines.  Only the toughest, forward moving wines were good enough to have his name on the label.  Then, all that was needed was Ditka’s coaching expertise and mustache know-how to complete the brand.  No cheerleader or sissy placekicker wines here.

But please don’t change your intake until you have ordered and paid for these wines.
from his website

Cabernet Sauvignon:   Attitude means a clear, direct approach or stance. Clear, true-to-type varietal character is a hallmark of my wines. Character is integrity and appeal, that extra zing that makes this wine stand out from the pack. And how can a wine have Enthusiasm? By being ready to go, any time, any place. Open this bottle and see for yourself. $19.99

Merlot: Whattaya want in a good house wine, anyway? Lemme tellya: Good fruit flavors, nice balance, somethin’ at goes great with a lotta different kinds of food. This is it, a real good wine I know you’re gonna like. Rich and dry with flavors of smoky black cherry and plum and complexities of clove and toasty oak in the lingering finish. $13.99

Kick Ass Red:  This blended red wine, Kick Ass Red, is the top of the line bottling for the Mike Ditka brands. It is a brilliant, concentrated dry red wine with luscious aromas and flavors of jammy wild blackberry. It has a lingering finish of freshly ground black pepper and toasty vanilla. Worthy of cellar aging, this wine is delicious now with fine beef, wild game and artisan cheeses. $49.99

There is also Mike Ditka’s Kick Ass Wine Club that you can join. It’s described as “Kick Ass!”

Kick Ass Perks include: 20% off all Mike Ditka Wines and logo merchandise; first access to newly released and limited edition wines; 30% off your Super Bowl wine party order; recipes and party ideas.

Mike Ditka,

Hall of Fame Player.

Hall of Fame Coach.


Former guy who once thought about running for senate.


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  1. josh s. Says:

    Special Agent Dale Cooper makes wine:


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