Company Profile: PRÉDEL, for Tannin Management!

Since 1989 the Bordeaux based PRÉDEL has helped struggling winemakers with problems of filtration, microbiology and hygiene. Here are some of the winemaking products they provide…

Liquid  and powder Enzyme formulations:  These can do about everything from pumping up color, clarifying cloudy wine, to enhancing aromas.  All meant for super hot thermo-winemaking.  When you bring the grapes and the must to a near boil before fermentation you can do miracles with color and tannin extraction.  Deconstruct the wine, get rid of the bad stuff and put the good stuff in.

Anti-Oxidants:  Protects the grape must from oxidation and decreases bitterness.

Specially Prepared Yeasts:  from their website, here are some names of yeast strains…

ESSENTIAL GRAND CRU: For structured, elegant and complex wines(good with Merlot, Cabernet S, Zinfandel)

ELITE PREMIUM: For structure, color and spiciness (good with Shiraz, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Malbec)

PRIMA: Develops cherry and fruit aromas (good with Pinot and Gamay)

HAR 17: Chardonnay variety

FINAROME: aromatic white wines, high capacity for revealing terpene-type varietal aroma precursors (ß-glucosidase                            activity) ? huh…

THIOL AROMA: aromatic white wines, high capacity for revealing thiol-type varietal aroma precursors. ? wha…

® – PINK EXCEL: fruity rosé wines

DAVIS 522: safe fermentation and highlights the primary aroma

PDM: development of white, red and effervescent wines

Aging Products: These include tannin extracts from French and American oak, chestnut, grape seeds and grape skins, also Acacia and Eucalyptus plants and Cherries.  Want the wine to taste of coconut, vanilla or cocoa?  How about spicy or smoky or caramel?  PRÉDEL also cheats by providing fresh oak shavings, oak staves and barrel inserts. Toasted to any degree of toastiness needed.

Filtration Services:  Oh man, just go to their website, every aspect of their company is listed.  It really destroys the romantic notion of leather skinned farmers growing grapes for generations, waking up at dawn to pick the years harvest and delivering it to an underground, chalk cellar, vinifying a beverage to drink alongside a fresh chicken.

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