Bistro Bobette Throws Down the Corkage Gauntlet and Six Burner Dumbs Down Their Wine List

Bistro Bobette has announced on their website and on their A-frame, NO CORKAGE FEE MONDAYS! Starting in July.  Their regular corkage fee will be $35.  This means you can bring your own special bottle to their top notch restaurant and drink it.  $35 is about the price of the lowest priced bottle on their wine list.  When you bring your own on Monday’s be sure to offer a taste to your server.

In other news…

What happened to Six Burner’s wine list?  Just a while ago it contained some real adventurous options…

the older list still on their web site…


Featured white by the glass/bottle, 8/30.

  • Blanc de Blancs, NV, L.Mawby, Leelanau Penninsula, MI, 8/15 from Michigan but still good and different
  • Pinot Gris, 08, Eola Hills, Willamette Valley, OR, 8/30
  • Viognier, 07, Camplazens, Languedoc, FR, 7/26
  • Albarino, 08, Burgans, Rias Baixas, ES, 9/32
  • Sauvignon Blanc, 08, Thierry Delauney, Loire Valley, FR, 9/32 great sauvignon producer
  • Chardonnay, 07, Foxglove, Central Coast, CA, 9/32
  • Champagne, NV, Roger Coulon, Brut Tradition Premier Cru, FR, 64 great grower producer Champagne
  • Gruner Veltliner, 07, Buchegger, Kremstal, AT, 32 gruner veltliner, awesome!wine7
  • Cistercensi, 07, “Coenobium”, Lazio, IT, 44 holy shit!  Coenobium?!?!?
  • Viognier, 06, Barboursville Vineyards, Barboursville, VA, 38
  • Riesling, 07, Schoffit, Harth “Tradition,” Alsace, FR, 36
  • Gewurtztraminer, 07, Brandborg, Umpqua, OR , 30 ok it isn’t Alsace but still good
  • Sauvignon/Riesling/Marsanne, 2006, d’Arenberg, “The Stump Jump,” McLaren Vale, AU, 26
  • Sauvignon Blanc, 08, Vincent Delaporte, Sancerre, Loire Valley, FR, 46
  • Vernacchia (organic), 08, Podere Canneta, San Gimignano, IT, 30
  • Savoie, 09, Domaine Labbe Abymes, Rhone, France, 28 crispy white from Savoie
  • Chardonnay, 06, Domaine Fevre, Chablis, FR, 36 well it is from Burgundy at leastwine9
  • Chardonnay, 07, L’Ecole No.41, Walla Walla, WA, 44
  • Chardonnay, 07, Rombauer, Caneros of Napa, CA, 60 yuck


Featured red by the glass/bottle, 9/32.

  • Pinot Noir, 07, Brandborg, Umpqua, OR 8/30
  • Counoise, 06, Domaine Monpertuis, Rhone, FR, 7/28 holy crap! Counoise from an awesome Châteauneuf-du-Pape producer
  • Cabernet, 06, Wall Cellars, Napa, CA, 9/32
  • Malbec, 08, Bautista Simona, Mendoza, Argentina 8/30
  • Rioja, 06, Eder, Crianza, ES, 7/26
  • Gamay, 08, Pierre Chermette, Beaujolais, FR 9/32 Beaujolais!
  • Barbera D’Asti, 07, Crivelli, Piedmont, IT,  28 Crivelli is cheap and delicious
  • Pinot Noir, 06, Rossignol-Trapet, Bourgogne Rouge, FR, 40 now we are talkin!
  • Pinot Noir, 07, Arterberry Maresh, Dundee Hills, Oregon, 58
  • Nebbiolo Perbacco, 06, Vietti, Piedmont, IT, 50 who doesn’t love Vietti?
  • Grenache/Syrah/Mouvedre, 06, Domaine Roger Perrin, Chateauneuf du Pape, FR, 60
  • Barbera d’Asti, 06, Vietti, Tre Vigne, Piedmont, IT, 36
  • Barolo, 04,  Castiglione, IT, 70 not sure what this is, I assume it is one of Vietti’s entry level Barolo
  • Shiraz, 04, d’Arenberg “Love Grass,” McLaren Vale, AU, 36
  • Blaufrankisch, 06, Markowitsch, Carnuntum, AT, 32 from Austria and belongs on the table with this cuisine
  • Merlot, 07, Barnard Griffin, ,Washington, 36
  • Cabernet, 03, Terra Blanca, Red Mountain, WA, 40
  • Touriga Franca/Tinto Roriz, 06, Altano, Douro, PT, 22
  • Sangiovese/Cabernet/Merlot (Super Tuscan), 05, Castello di Poppiano, Tuscany, IT, 65
  • Grenache/Syrah, 08, Roc des Anges, Rousillion, FR 44 big style Rousillion for lamb
Now on to the current list……… can click to enlarge…….We all know wine lists can vary from day to day, but the selection now is so uninspired and depressing.  Six Burner’s kitchen can crank out amazing, thoughtful, adventurous dishes.  I hope whoever is doing their wine buying can once again take some chances and learn to compliment the cuisine.

10 Responses to “Bistro Bobette Throws Down the Corkage Gauntlet and Six Burner Dumbs Down Their Wine List”

  1. genevelyn Says:

    Clos du Mt Olivet on that list is v.v (though it isn’t listed that way)…a beautiful wine, not “homogeneity” as you write next to it and certainly not mass produced, here is a link to their importer

  2. richmondwineculture Says:

    Thanks for the comment Genevelyn. Homogeneity should be a line up next to Thurston Wolfe’s “The Teacher”. Clos du Mt Olivet is a fine producer indeed. I wish Six Burner would have more wines along those lines like they have in the recent past. I love their food so much I don’t want them to become like every other wine list in the city.

  3. richmondwineculture Says:

    I fixed the error…sorry…

  4. Bradley Says:

    Thank you. Though people can always squabble over individual labels, someone needs to call a restaurant out when they water down their wine list. There should be as much mockery as would be made of them were they to start serving chicken finger or philly cheese steak entrees.

  5. richmondwineculture Says:

    Thanks for the comment Bradley. Six Burner is capable of great things, they have the cooking skills, the cozy ambience, I have faith in them to tinker with their wine list.

  6. Eric Payne Says:

    I hope 6 Burner gets things back together. There are too many wine lists in this town that have no imagination with their wine programs. What do they charge for corkage?

  7. jp Says:

    GREAT article,
    one quabble with this “Teacher” call out. It may be New World, but its a small-scale excellent expression of Washington Cab. It’s less than 500 case production, made by a 30 year Washington wine veteran with a doctorate in grape vine genetics. It’s also sold out at the winery & hard to get. The name Teacher may not be savvy, and I also think the label’s not very good, but lets not judge a wine we don’t know by what we think of it’s name & label.
    Moving on, can you do this for about 200 more restaurants in Rva, because this town needs help, lest Orin Swift take over the Commonwealth.

  8. Boo Bradley Says:

    The Wine Director who made the old list has moved on to Tavola in Charlottesville – you should see THEIR wine list, oh man! The new manager who happens to deal with the wine now is to blame.

  9. richmondwineculture Says:

    Thanks Eric, not sure their corkage, anyone know about theirs or any other restaurants fees let us know.

    Thanks JP, picking on “The Teacher” is too easy. Speaking of Orin Swift…been to Blue Goat yet? Wine list is pathetic. The menu is adventurous but the wines are so, so, sad and all wrong with their type of cuisine. Maybe they underestimate that part of town. They are right by Barrel Thief and J. Emerson, both those shops have real geeky, successful selections. Hope it changes.

    Boo, Tavola seems to have it going on. Damn you C’ville!!

  10. josh s. Says:

    Just two questions:
    1. Since when does Prosecco come in a Rosato format?
    2. No snark for Pony Prosecco? c’mon! you could at least have something along the lines of “All aboard the Pony Express!”

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