Vacuum Concentrator

Made in Italy, secretly used in exalted Bordeaux, perfected in California, I introduce you to the Reda CM 400 Low Temperature Evaporation Device!Does your vineyard location get too much rain?  Does your vineyard management not allow for proper air circulation to dry out your overly wet harvest?  Do you not want to wait a few days for your rain soaked grapes to dry out before picking them?  Is your harvest screwed because the ratio of water to grape sugar is out of wack?  Or do you just want super concentrated, viscous wines without having to lower your yields?

The CM 400 takes in grape juice, somehow boils it below atmospheric pressure at a temperature of 70 degrees, water is carried off in vapor but also takes away important things like lactic acid and ethanol (these and other compounds can be put back in). Nanofiltration membrane technology keeps all the good stuff in (tannin, color).  What is left is a more balanced, syrupy wine.  It is also fully automated!

Most winemakers don’t like to admit to using machines like these.  Some might call it cheating, some might say it is a way to save a poor crop.  You will not really find them used on cheap wines because these gizmos are EXPENSIVE!

Is the wine you are drinking really an artisanal product of responsible land stewardship?

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